🎓 Definition

A new customer is a customer who recently (time frame defined by the retailer) acquired the card. Each company will define its own duration during which a Customer can be labelled as New.




New Customer 

Number of Carded Customers who signed up to the Loyalty Program for less than x weeks 

  • Measure the success of Recruitment Campaigns 

  • Measure the Store Efforts to recruit new customers 

  • Measure the popularity of the Loyalty Program 

Return Purchase 

Number of New Customers who came shopping at least 1 time within the x weeks after their signing up on the Loyalty Program 

  • Measure the quality on new customers onboarding 

🖥️ Make it happen in Ulys CRM

How to access New customer in Ulys:2 Simple Steps

Step 1: Select Buying Pattern under the Behaviors Menu in the Menu Bar.

Step 2: Select the Option in the Filter Menu and select the frequency and period you want to measure.

And here it is. The New customer will appear in the New vs Returning Customer widget.

You can also extract the List of Customers who are identified in each segment of New vs Returning Customer from the Table icon.