🎓 Definition

CLV defines the value a customer will deliver to the retailer during her lifetime, either form a cashflow perspective (sales) or profitably (margin) perspective.

There are several ways of calculating CLV, and one of the most detailed and well explained approaches can be found in this article from Maryna Sharapa.




Projected Sales Value or Projected Margin Value 

The amount of sales value or margin value that a customer will deliver during her lifetime as a customer. 


Identify the most valuable customers globally 


Determine the amount to be invested for Customers based on their level of importance to the Budget 


Planned promotions of Housewife Basket Items are a sure traffic driver. They should be accompanied with more premium items to balance the margin mix. 

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a parameter that is customizable to user decisions.

🖥️ Make it happen in Ulys CRM

How to access Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) in Ulys:1 Simple Steps

Step 1: Select Customer History Menu from the Menu Bar

And here it is. Customer Lifetime Value for each Loyal customer is displayed on the CLV column.